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Auris Systems Limited – Safeguarding Policy

We are committed to protecting your rights and those of the people who are connected to you such as your loved ones.

We hold that people should never experience any form of abuse, neglect or harm of any kind. We have a responsibility to promote the welfare and well-being of all of our customers and their loved ones and to contribute towards keeping them safe.


Additionally, we have a duty to ensure that any allegations of harm or abuse that take place in conducting our service are investigated properly for our customers and their relatives and friends and that appropriate measures are taken should such allegations be found to be true.

We are committed to do everything we can to protect people proportionate to our role as a service provider.

Our company safeguarding policy below sets out expectations for all our customers, staff, AurisBuddies, partners, assosciates and the general public, in the UK and overseas.

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