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Care Home Connections - Pilot Project

In November 2022, Auris Systems entered into partnership with Embracing Age, a christian Charity, to conduct a pilot project in two care homes on the Isle of Wight. Embracing Age an established charitable organisation is committed to addressing the experience of loneliness and isolation felt by some residents especially those on the Dementia pathway. With a steadily growing group of island volunteers they were seeking new ways to assist. This led to an initiative introducing voice activated technology - the Amazon Echo Dot and Alexa. Auris Systems was invited to join the 'Care Home Connections' initiative by Embracing Age and both parties have since delivered a pilot project on the island. Focusing on communication with loved ones the project chose the Echo Show 8 2nd Generation as it's preferred device. It has an HD touch screen, excellent sound and 13MP camera for video calling. The partners were joined by Oakray Care an organisation with several homes on the Isle of Wight. Oakray Care have a refreshing and innovative culture and are passionate about the well being and welfare of their residents.

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Case Studies

case study

Doris Jones

Doris is 96 and has hearing problems, with the aid of Alexa she is able to listen to her favourite author's audiobooks on YouTube. The volume on her Echo Show is more than enough! Now her busy grandson an engineer can 'Drop In' from wherever he is in the world.

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