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"Actually the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures" Lewis Carroll


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To better understand our audience we set about gaining practical experience of providing services to older people. Our focus was set by carrying out a pilot project for Care Homes on the Isle of Wight. The project 'Care Home Connections' was carried out with partners Embracing Age a charity and Oakray Care an island based care organisation. The project involved working with staff, relatives and the residents to introduce Amazon Alexa devices. We discovered that this joint involvement of the team members was critical in building a support mechanism for the resident and in some cases resulted in remarkable outcomes, improving wellbeing and happiness.

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Our aim is to make a significant impact on tackling the problem of digital exclusion(*) by assisting older people who maybe suffering loneliness and isolation.  We will achieve this by offering a professional operation supplying services including coaching, learning & development and support. These services will be delivered through a network of specialists - AurisBuddies with the support of our new internet platform We will proactively seek partners and associates to widen the impact of our plan. 

(*) Report - House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee 29th June 2023

Our friends

care home manager

Sam Caswell, Regional Manager - Oakray Care

"I cannot express strongly enough the positive impact this is having on residents who are not able to have regular visits."

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