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Could you be an AurisBuddie?

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As an AurisBuddie in your local community you will be able to provide a unique service to older people. With your help individuals will discover a new way to contact their nearest and dearest and, for many, escape exclusion from the digital world.


AurisBuddies go to people's homes and coach them in the use of an Alexa device so a professional manner and being aware of vulnerability are essential qualities in an AurisBuddy. You will require a DBS certificate which we will organise and pay for.


So, if you are good with people, especially older people and know your way around a smartphone and laptop...then we would like to talk to you about applying to become an AurisBuddie. Make the first move by going to the AurisBuddies Log In and Register. 


You will be paid for your valuable expertise and before you do your first visit you will be fully prepared through a series of live, Zoom webinars and coaching sessions.


You will be provided with all the support you need. The AurisBuddies portal handles, instructional materials, web and mobile orders and payments, invoicing and customer management.

To find out more register here at the AurisBuddies Login icon. One of our staff members will call you for a discussion about what's involved and what the next steps are.

Call us or email if you prefer to ask some preliminary Q's before speaking....


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